Fueling Your Personal Best Inside & Outside the Gym


All-in-One Functional Daily Nutrients formulated & dosed for High Performance Functional Athletes. Tailored individually for Men & Women.

  • Boost Strength & Performance
  • Improve Digestion & Gut Health
  • Enhance Energy Naturally
  • Hormone Balance & Adrenal Support
  • Improve Mental Focus & Cognition
  • Optimize Recovery
  • Boosted Immunity & Detox Support

Over 35 Bio-Available Elite Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life and in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I've spent the last several years learning, researching and educating myself on integrative nutrition, hormones, functional health, strength and performance all in the effort to improve my own health and fitness.

The Problem: Most of your workout and sports nutrition supplements out there are hiding behind the mask of healthy because consumers just don't know what's really inside. These products are not only made from low quality, cheap/toxic ingredients, but also are no where near the actual dosage that my body needed both as an athlete and as a woman. They were all one-size-fits-all under dosed generic formulas made my big box companies who care more about cutting costs to make a bunch of money and less about the quality. There was nothing out there that was formulated and dosed for athletes, with a focus on functional clean ingredients with formulas tailored specifically to meet the needs individually for men and women.

Solution: So I decided to take matters into my own hands and PR Athlete was born. PR Athlete is my mission to bring Functional Health to the Sports Nutrition World with products made from premium quality ingredients sourced for the highest potency and bioavailability with individual formulas for men and women to help fuel your personal best inside and outside the gym.

-Ashley Drummonds

  • Enhance Strength & Performance

    Our Performance formula features adaptogens like rhodiola and ashwagandha, plus organic functional mushrooms, enhancing strength and performance by regulating cortisol levels for stress reduction, supporting energy production, aiding muscle recovery, improving endurance and oxygen utilization during exercise, and providing immune support for uninterrupted training and improved performance.

  • Boost Gut & Immune Health

    A healthy gut is key to overall health, influencing nutrient absorption, immune function, and even mood regulation. Traditional probiotics often struggle to survive an athlete's unique stomach environment. Spore-based probiotics, derived from soil bacteria, are encased in endospores, making them highly resistant to stomach acid. This ensures better delivery to the intestines, enhancing nutrient synthesis, metabolism, and reducing inflammation for improved digestion and immunity, tailored specifically for athletes.

  • Improve Mental Focus

    Our PR Fuel blend includes premium B Vitamins (B1 as Benfotiamine, B6 Phosphate, Folate as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, B12 as methylcobalamin) in their most bioavailable form, crucial for neurotransmitter synthesis (like serotonin and dopamine) and brain cell energy metabolism, enhancing mental alertness. Rhodiola, an adaptogenic herb, reduces stress and fatigue, promoting mental clarity under pressure by modulating cortisol levels. Functional mushrooms like Lion's Mane and Cordyceps support cognitive function through compounds promoting brain cell growth, repair, and improved oxygen utilization, enhancing memory and focus.

  • Optimize Recovery

    Our premium bioavailable blend of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes includes liposomal vitamin C, E, and D3 from sea salt, offering antioxidant properties to reduce post-exercise inflammation. Vitamin D aids calcium absorption crucial for muscle function. Premium minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium support muscle contraction and relaxation, while replenishing electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride from sea salt maintains hydration levels and muscle function.

  • Enhance Energy Naturally

    Our Athlete's Formula provides methylated high-potency B vitamins in their most absorbable forms, essential for optimal mitochondrial function and energy production. These vitamins play crucial roles in neurotransmitter production, converting food into energy, and supporting overall health. Iron bisglycinate replenishes iron lost through sweat, vital for energy and oxygen transportation, while chromium picolinate promotes blood sugar stability and efficient carbohydrate metabolism for consistent energy levels. Rhodiola, an adaptogenic herb, further enhances energy, while specific functional mushrooms like Cordyceps and Lion's Mane support energy naturally. This comprehensive blend boosts energy without relying on caffeine, ensuring sustained performance and mood without the crash.

  • Support Healthy Hormones & Reduce Stress

    Our Women's blend supports hormone balance, adrenal health, stress regulation, and mood while providing natural energy. With Iron, Calcium D-Glucarate, Selenium, B6 Phosphate, Magnesium, COQ10, Milk Thistle, and Phosphatidylcholine, it aids in eliminating toxins and excess "bad” hormones while promoting overall hormonal health. Our PeakO2 Organic blend of adaptogenic mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, along with Rhodiola and Ashwagandha, reduces cortisol (stress hormone), boosts energy, and enhances strength and focus without caffeine-induced jitters.

    Our Men’s Performance, Hormone & Stress Support Blend includes Fenugreek and Boron Citrate to naturally boost testosterone along with 240mg of Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and a blend of Calcium D-Glucarate, Phosphatidylcholine, Milk Thistle, and COQ10, to aid in eliminating toxins and excess hormones. Our Organic PeakO2 blend of adaptogenic mushrooms enhances strength, boosts energy, and regulates stress hormone response for optimal hormonal balance.

Our "No's"

No Sucralose or Artificial Sweeteners

Our formula is made from the plant based sweetener Monk Fruit & Stevia

No Artificial Flavors or Dyes

We flavor our PR Fuel with Organic Natural Flavors and never use any colors or dyes.

No Magnesium Stearate or Silicone Dioxide

These are "flow agents" used in a lot of supplements on the market, but can also be harmful and toxic to your body. We never use any fillers, additives, emulsifiers or flow agents like this just to cut costs.

No Caffeine or Stimulants

Most products out there are marketing high performance and enhancing energy when all they're really doing is giving you a caffeine/stimulant boost. We fuel your body with the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and herbs it needs to fuel your physically and mentally naturally.

No Soy or Dairy

Soy is a known culprit to hormone disruption, allergies, digestive issues, and is usually genetically modified. While not everyone has problems with soy, our philosophy is to only give you what your body actually needs so for that reason we choose to leave out things like soy and dairy to keep your gut and your hormones as healthy as possible.

No Low Dosed Cheap Ingredients

Most supplement companies use low-ineffective dosed ingredients and in their cheapest (least available) form to cut costs and sell more. You would need to take 2-3x the serving of most supplements to get the absorption you actually need. Compare out ingredient forms and our dosage to others out there and you'll see we don't use cheap ingredients. We use the best of the best premium functional ingredients and in the dosage that is most effective to help fuel your high performance body.

No Capsules or Pills

What we care most about is quality and bioavailability so that you actually feel the difference with PR Fuel. Because of that, PR Fuel is in powder form so that your body doesn't have to work harder to breakdown pills or capsules to optimizing absorption. Besides, no one wants to take 8+ capsules every day. We put everything you need in just 1 scoop.

Our "YES"

Premium Quality Functional Ingredients Sourced for the Highest Potency and Bioavailability. Delivered in powdered form for maximum absorption formulated and dosed for elite athletes and fitness professionals. Over 35 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.